Second stimulus check is coming. When?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that Americans will receive another stimulus check as part of the next round of COVID-19 relief package. Unfortunately, it seems that Republicans are not on the same page about the details of another proposal to help individuals and struggling businesses survive these hard times. Toss Democrats in the mix and you have a …

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When do you need term life insurance?

As a young adult, I never really thought about buying term or any life insurance. Maybe because a 20-year-olds don’t think about their own mortality. And because I was lacking the life experience. However, now that I am expecting my first child, many thoughts are crossing my mind that hasn’t before. I want to make sure that if something happens …

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How to pay off your credit card debt

How we manage our credit card debt and how long it will take us to pay it off greatly depends on our circumstances. We all have different life stories. With the right strategy (think military) you can fight and win. Let’s strategize! First step: MEET YOUR ENEMY First things first: Check your financial health. As with any problem, you have …

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